MUSC 110: Assignment 4 – Samba in Brazil
(15 points)

Name _________________________________________

Answer the following questions about the film “Brasil Brasil” (Part 1)
This assignment will be graded on completion (answering all questions) and demonstration of understanding the film’s content. Do not give vague answers, be specific and provide detail. You may handwrite or type your answers.

What is samba’s geographic, religious, cultural origin? (3 pts.)

The film gives us insight into the intersections of race, class, and music that produced various styles of samba in the twentieth century. Briefly describe the samba styles below using information from the film (include important people, place, events, race/class)

Samba Carioca (2 pts.)
Samba Canção (2 pts.)
Bossa Nova (2 pts.)

Again using information from the film, describe what the below terms are:

Candomblé (2 pts.)
Favelas (2 pts.)
Escolas de Samba (Samba Schools) (2 pts.)

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