Literary Works:  I chose “Interpreter of Maladies” (Jhumpa Lahir, 1999)

Offer some information on what interest you about this topic, and supply a working thesis and key ideas you would like to develop.

1.  What is your chosen prompt for the literary analysis assignment which would be what I chose above. You should write the Prompt #1 for this question. The question is :  How does a new outsider community member like Mrs. Das influence Mr. Kapsi, who seems to have become bored with his life and his role in the community?

2.  What interests you most about the prompt and why? at least 100 words

3.  What text(s) will you write about and why? Mr. Kapsi or Mrs. Das

4.  What is your working thesis? Keep in mind that “working thesis” means you can slightly modify your thesis for the draft and or final essay

5.  What are three key ideas that you will discuss in support of your thesis .. Write one and only one sentence for each point

6.  What questions/concerns do you have at this point about your project? at least 75 words.

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