Does God exist

It has been said that America is one of the most religious countries in the world. Indeed, Gallup poll indicates that a little over 8 Americans in ten believe in God. As usual, Philosophy urges you to question the assumption underlying such a belief. Hence the following question: “Does God exist?”.



1. Outline your paper clearly.

2. Submit the paper along with your outline (attached).

3. The length of your essay should be a minimum of 10 pages of text,  1 page of End-Notes and, at least, 10 Works Cited.

4. State clearly your thesis.

5. Proceed with argumentation step by step and clearly

6. Backing up (or documenting) your basic arguments (claims)

7. If appealing to the authority of philosophers (authors), be critical, always specifying whatever you’re agreeing with and to what extent.

8. Use MLA style. Get a sample of the MLA writing style at the front desk in the library on Liberty Campus.

9. Take a look at the paper writing sample provided by the instructor.

10. Do not miss the deadline indicated on the course schedule.

Outline (1 PAGE – DUE IN THREE HOURS) – just one sentence each

1. Introduction
Introductory sentence (one or two sentences), formulating the issue
Thesis (your stand on the issue)
Transitional (how to establish the thesis) statement, previewing the major points (arguments) of the argumentation (arguments backing up the thesis).
2. Body
Argument (point) #1
Argument (point) #2
Argument (point) #3
Argument (point) #4 etc…
3. Conclusion
3.1. Briefly rephrase the thesis and restate your stand.
3.2. Summarize your arguments
3.3 Conclusion
Note: the conclusion should not be more than a paragraph.


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