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Write a report of 2000 words, in your own words, on the following topic.
Investigate and research the Volkswagen (VW) diesel car scandal that was first reported, worldwide, in the late summer, early autumn of 2015. It is claimed that VW wrote software, for the engine management systems of many models of its diesel cars, that is able to detect whether each individual car is being tested for its exhaust emissions or whether the that same car is being driven on the open road. When being tested the car emits less poisonous exhaust emissions. On the road it emits more.
What are the legal, social, ethical and professional issues relating to the above scenario?

Include in your report:
• Legal issues, include citations in the text (20%)
• Social issues, include citations in the text (20%) • Ethical issues, include citations in the text (20%)
• Professional issues, include citations in the text (20%)
• Personal Development Planning (PDP) – How has this module, and also your course, changed your thoughts on Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional issues. How will you keep up to date on these issues in the future? (10%)
• The final 10 % of the marks will be awarded for: essay structure; grammar; spelling; a consistent referencing style, including citations in the text and an expanded reference section at the end of the report; a bibliography (general background reading), as well as the logic and clarity of your arguments and conclusions. (10%)

Write an introductory paragraph
Paragraph[s] on legal issues
Paragraph[s] on social issues
Paragraph[s] on ethical issues
Paragraph[s] on professional issues
Paragraph[s] on personal development planning
Write a conclusion in a final paragraph
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