Introduction to Business Management Examine the evolution of management theories.

Discuss the role of management in organizations.

Evaluate management competencies and styles.

The Changing Management Environment Examine organizational culture, core competencies, and values.

Discuss change management and innovation.

Determine how sustainable advantage can be used in an organization.

Planning Examine an internal environmental analysis.

Examine an external environmental analysis.

Determine strategic objectives, business goals, and operational tactics. Organizing Differentiate among basic types of structures used within organizations. Analyze the role of strategy on structure. Determine the building blocks of organizational structures.

Leading Discuss the leadership function within the management role. Differentiate between various leadership theories.

Analyze the leadership function in organizational goal achievement.

Controlling Summarize the basic elements of the control process.

Evaluate the tools used in the control process. Evaluate business metrics as part of the control function.

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