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Individual Support of Military Intervention
Social injustice often goes unchallenged because of cultural, political, and religious customs that make oppression acceptable within some societies. The most violent examples of human rights violations, such as rape, torture, and murder, often occur as part of civil wars in places such as Rwanda, Iran, and Sudan. Military intervention is one way to address social injustice, but its use depends on whether the rationale for intervention is considered valid by the intervening force and by the international community. Humanitarian military intervention occurs when it focuses on remedying social injustice and restoring human rights. Before you begin the Discussion this week, take a moment to think about a situation that would prompt you to support military intervention. Considering your position might provide you with insight into the use of military intervention to remedy social injustice.
To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the book excerpt, “Part I: Human rights as  the bedrock of social justice.” Consider the idea of humanitarian      military intervention in addressing social injustice.
  • Search the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch websites. Review current global human rights issues and social injustices.  Select one global human rights issue and/or social injustice for which you would support military intervention and gather information about it.

With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Thursday 2/1/18 a 500-word explanation of a situation in which you personally would support a war or military intervention to address a human rights issue and/or social injustice. Then explain why you feel supporting a war or military intervention would be justifiable in this situation. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points.

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