In the twenty-first century, one of the most significant areas of religious conflict may quite possibly be between a growing Islam, a revived Hinduism, and a vibrant Christianity in Africa and Asia

The focus of this paper is international church history. Write a 5-7 page research paper (12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides, double spaced), using at least 5 scholarly sources. (Please note that this means a minimum of five full pages and a maximum of eight full pages.)

Use Turabian Notes-Bibliography style and place your bibliography as the last page.
In the twenty-first century, one of the most significant areas of religious conflict may quite possibly be between a growing Islam, a revived Hinduism, and a vibrant Christianity in Africa and Asia. Pick ONE of the following countries and write about the growth of contemporary Christianity there (The Sudan, India, Uganda, or Singapore). Note that The Sudan split in in 2011 to form Sudan (or North Sudan) and South Sudan. Your history of this country will begin with the old country of The Sudan and continue with South Sudan.
Sources: Your paper must utilize a minimum of 5 scholarly sources.
• Unlike the research exercises, you are welcome to use your textbook as a source; however, you must not rely on it as your primary source, and you must use at least five additional scholarly sources.
• Use Liberty’s “Religion & Philosophy Research Guide” (available at as your first choice for finding scholarly articles; however, you may find sources elsewhere. Google Scholar and JSTOR are great places to search. Some excellent books also may be found at sites like
• Bible dictionaries or specialty encyclopedias (like Elwell’s Evangelical Dictionary of Theology) may be used as scholarly articles for this assignment; however, you may use a maximum of two scholarly websites or specialty dictionaries or encyclopedias. You must use at least 3 scholarly articles and/or books. I know you may not have immediate access to good sources in a local library, but there are options available through the library database and other online sources. You never need to purchase books (other than your textbook) for any assignment in this course.
• Book reviews and abstracts are not considered scholarly sources for any assignment in this course.
• As with the research exercises, general websites (like Wikipedia, ReligonFacts, Theopedia,,, blogs, or similar sources) are not acceptable sources for any assignment in this course. Also, as a rule of thumb, avoid articles that do not list an author.
• The requirement for five scholarly sources means five different sources. It is fine to use multiple articles from the same specialty website, journal, book, or other resources; however, only one of them counts toward your minimum of five scholarly sources. (For example, you may use two articles from a work like Elwell’s Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, and if you do, they must be listed separately in your citations; however, that still is considered only one source toward the minimum number of five.
• You always are welcome and even encouraged to use your Bible on papers for this course, but be aware that the Bible is not counted as one of the five minimum sources.
• If you have a question about whether a source is acceptable, contact your instructor. I am happy to help.

Use of Direct Quotations: Unlike the research exercises, there are times when direct quotes from your sources may be appropriate. If you use direct quotes, please note the following expectations:
• You must either (a) enclose the quote in quotation marks, OR (b) format the quote as a block quote. This requirement is never optional, regardless of the source.
• You must also include a footnote. This is true even if you identify the source in the text.
• Finally, do not include long quotes (or too many quotes) from your sources. If you do, your content score will be reduced. Use quotations only when needed to support your argument. For this assignment, your paper should include a cumulative TOTAL of no more than about ¾ page of quotes (based on five full pages of text). Thus, at least 85% of the paper should be in your own words.

Hint for Search Parameters: If you use the library’s database, it is helpful to refine your search using the following parameters: (a) Items with full text online; (b) exclude newspaper articles; (c) content type: journal article; and (d) language: English. There are check boxes on the left side of the screen when you begin your search process.

Research Paper Formatting:
• You must include a separate cover sheet for all three of the research papers in this class. This is not optional.
• The paper must be 12 point, double spaced, Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins on all four sides. Please note that the five-page minimum does not include the cover sheet and bibliography.
• The first line of each paragraph should be indented by a half inch. Do NOT add additional spaces after paragraphs or sections. Remember also that the maximum length for your paper (not including the cover sheet and bibliography) is seven pages. There is no reason to exceed that length. No exceptions!
• Use the “Notes-Bibliography” Turabian citation style. Use standard footnotes at the bottom of the applicable page (not endnotes and not parenthetical citations), and place your bibliography as the last page. For a helpful link to find more information about Turabian style formatting, including the proper way to record citations, see
• The bibliography must begin on the final page of the paper. Alphabetize entries by the authors’ last names. Single space each entry with two spaces between each one.

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