Identify what you believe to be the core competencies that these organisations are looking for. You may find it appropriate to present this data in tabulated form, thus allowing for a triple case/ side by side assessment of what the differences and similarities are in what the companies are looking for.

Assess how your current competency set may fit into the requirements to enter any such or similar programme.

As with the suggestion in Activity 1 of this module, there is a strong likelihood that there will be a gap between your own competency set and those of a prospective employer. Explain how you may use the period of your internship to work on closing the gap between your competency set and those of a prospective employer.

Word count 300-400 words

Ensure that you reference the individual company websites when extracting the data from the corporate sources. References to the other course resources are not required, unless the student feels that they add value to their Blog post. A reference list is not required otherwise.

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