HIST 3785 Modern East Asia

HIST 3785 Modern East Asia
Spring, 2018

Paper question

Answer the following question. Paper should be six, double-spaced pages. Papers are due in class on Friday (April 28th). No electronic copies, please. The paper is worth 15% of your final grade.

In Jonathan Spence’s Treason by the Book, we see the Yongzheng emperor engaged in a battle over the hearts and minds of both the bureaucracy and the ‘rebel’ Zeng Jing. What are Yongzheng’s motivations and his goals in this battle? What do these say about traditional Chinese notions of the “good ruler” and the manner of “proper rule” and how emperor’s interpreted and applied them? Finally, what conclusions can be drawn about the function of ideas or ideology in rulership in traditional China?

Grading Criteria

__how well you answer the questions

__you have a thesis statement (summary of your argument) in your introduction paragraph

__how adequately you provide background information about the Qing and key notions of the “good ruler” (such as Sage King, mandate of heaven, son of heaven…).

__how carefully you substantiate your analysis and argument (citation!). how clearly and logically your paper is organized and your argument is substantiated.

__you cite the materials in an acceptable manner (see below)
You need to cite even when you are not direct-quoting. For example, you need to cite when you are referring to specific ideas expressed in the text. Citation is your way of demonstrating how carefully you are reading and using the texts!

__no spelling or grammatical mistakes

Besides Jonathan’s book, you should also discuss/use materials from our textbook and lectures.

Citation Examples

Please cite the materials by following the examples below.

Books and articles in course pack:
(Spence, 30)
(Schirokauer, 65)

Lecture (please include date as much as possible)
(lecture, 2/6)
(lecture, the tribute system)

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