In the Globalization Website, read the sections titled: Does Globalization Diminish Cultural Diversity? under “Issues,” and The World Culture Theory under “Theories”.

In the World Culture Project Website, read the following articles:

The Cultural Imperative
A Cultural Model of Development
Culture and Cultures: Key learning Requirements for the Future
The Cultural Personality
Reflect on the concepts of “country,” “nation,” global orientation,” “global awareness,” “cultural orientation,” “cultural competence,” “cultural values” and “globalization”. Apply scholarly research to present a narrative paper in which you address the following:

Determine the difference(s) between a “country” and a “nation.” Explain which term is more appropriate to use when studying international business from a cultural perspective.
Assess the idea of global orientation and defend the factors necessary to achieve global awareness.
Assess the idea of cultural orientation and critique the components of cultural competence.
Analyze the concept of cultural values and then assess the conditions that have led to the development of globalization.
Synthesize your finding in a conclusion.
In addition of the specified resources, support your paper with a minimum of three (3) external resources, and other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles.

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