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Career Presentation: A Seattle Company

For this final presentation, you will present to the class a Seattle area company (or educational institution) where you might find a job after graduation. Even though some of you do not plan to stay here in the U.S., you should find a company which is part of the same industry that you are interested in for your future career. Your focus should be both the company and the specific position at the company that interests you.
Important points to include are the name of the company and a brief description of its nature and history in Seattle, its mission statement, the job title that describes the position you would like to have, important prerequisites and required qualifications for the position (for example, an MBA), a brief description of the job and working conditions at the company, the company culture, the current salary range, and the process of how you gathered this information. Also, do not forget to include an analysis of how what you have learned about succeeding in your field, from this class and from discussions with peers and professors might help you be successful. Note: the use of at least two visual aids is required. Mere words on the screen will not be considered a visual aid.
We have discussed appropriate ways to meet and converse with academic and professional people. This assignment should entail a good deal of direct contact; please be sure to list on your outline the names of the sources with whom you speak. Make sure to inform the company representatives that you are doing an assignment for a class that you are taking. A good place to start your enquiry is a company’s HR department. I will ask for the name of your company or organization on May 23.
You will submit a typed outline of your speech. No outlines or other papers will be allowed during the presentation; please prepare your notes on 3 by 5 cards (no more than 10 cards and no more than 10 words per card). Once again, you will be expected to evaluate other students.
Presentations will be 6-8 minutes long. Please prepare accordingly.

NOTE: There is to be no duplication of job positions within the same company.
Be prepared on Monday, May 23 to discuss your choice.
NOTE: Reading notes DOES NOT constitute giving an oral presentation.
NOTE: Please see me in advance if you anticipate any problems.

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