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Final Project
Your Final Project is worth 20% of your grade. A paper or PowerPoint may be submitted.

Write a paper or submit a PowerPoint/with narration on your approved topic chosen in week 3 of the course.
PowerPoint narrations may be typed or spoken.
The paper needs to be 5 – 7 pages in length. Page count does not include cover page or bibliography.
The paper should be double-spaced with size 12 font.
PowerPoint length should have a minimum of 10 slides. This does not include cover page or bibliography.
PowerPoint may include videos or sound bits of music.
You may pull information from each unit and incorporate it into your project, however, you may not copy and paste previously submitted discussions.
Use caution when paraphrasing and be sure to use parenthetic citations showing where the information was gathered.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Your project should include the following:

Cover Page – which should contain a paper title, your name, date, and course information
Thesis statement – found in your opening paragraph
Closing paragraph – giving a summation of information presented and your own conclusions.
Parenthetic citations (author, pg.) within your paper and a full list of resources at its conclusion. A good rule of thumb to follow is one resource per page. So, if you have a 7-page paper, you should have a minimum of 7 resources on your “Works Cited” page.
Information from your texts must be included in your paper and properly cited.

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