Explain the doctrine of double effect, as well as why someone might find it at least initially plausible

⦁ Explain Michael Walzer’s argument that the terror bombing of German cities by Allied forces was morally permissible because it was necessary to prevent a “supreme emergency” – the conquest of all of Europe by the Nazis. For this purpose, please consult ⦁ the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s explanation of the argument in its entry on terrorism.

⦁ Suppose that the Avengers believe that the mercenaries plan to deploy the biological weapon they have stolen in a crowded Wakandan city center. Moreover, suppose that the Avengers believe that, if this happens, then millions of people will die. Develop an argument that it is morally permissible for the Avengers to engage the mercenaries, despite the risk to civilian lives, because it is necessary to prevent a supreme emergency.

⦁ Develop what you take to be the strongest objection to this argument (the argument you developed in step 7).

⦁ Explain whether or not you think this objection is successful, and why.

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