1. Principles of Management • Background of my role in the company • Relationship of your job role to the four functions of management • Realizations/reflections on thy; whole exercise
2. Human Behavior in the Organization • Effective Team work behaviors • Contents O Introductioi.) O Related Literature o Usage of the theories to your current job
3. Human Resource Management • Trends/Issue and their Literature (Choose 5 trends) • Choose the trends that are applicable to your own company set up
4. Social Responsibility and Good Governance • What is social responsibility and good governance? • What does it mean to be socially responsible? • Should ( be socially involve and be advocate of good governance in the workplace?
5. Strategic Management • What is strategic management? • Importance of Strategic Management • Discuss the vision, mission and goal of your company. • Company’s strategy and areas for improvement
6. Principles of Marketing • Global Market Research paper • Contents o The effect of economic protectionism and the implication of economic integration for global marketing practices to your company. o Importance of environmental factors (cultural, economic and political) in shaping global marketing efforts. o Different approaches your company is using to enter and complete in global markets.
7. Marketing Management • Prepare a Marketing Plan of your company

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