Essay 1: Argument Analysis Essay

Essay 1: Argument Analysis Essay Page 1 of 2
Essay 1: Argument Analysis Essay

Due Jun 3 by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload File Types doc
Available May 24 at 12am – Jun 3 at 11:59pm 11 days

Write a 500-750 word analysis of your chosen topic. Use the topic approved by your instructor for the Final Essay Topic Approval on the Discussion. You will be using this topic throughout the course for Essay 1, Essay 2, and the Final Persuasive Essay.
Essay one is the first step in writing your Final Persuasive Essay due in Module 6.
For Essay 1 you will NOT be taking a side on the topic or trying to persuade your reader. Instead you will be analyzing the issue, discussing both sides, and identifying the main claims and arguments for both sides of the topic. Your essay should have an introduction, two or more body paragraphs and a conclusion to wrap up your main points and leave readers with something to think about.
In your essay include the following:
1. Your topic
2. The two sides of the issue and the claims made by both sides.
3. Identify at least one way each side supports a claim.
4. Stay neutral. Your goal is to explore, analyze and understand how the topic is being argued in the public realm.
Remember to follow the MLA format for submitting your paper.
2 Credible Sources
500-750 words in length
12 point font
Format for name etc.
Upload as an MS Word file attachment.
Essay Rubric (2)… 5/24/2018 Essay 1: Argument Analysis Essay Page 2 of 2
Criteria Ratings Pts
Thesis Statement: The writing has a clearly articulated original thesis and subordinate ideas supported by reliable and relevant evidence based on original research. Main ideas are not lost in surrounding supporting evidence.
Thesis statement. 25 words or less. States the main idea or point of the essay 20.0 pts
Purpose and Audience: The writing engages the reader with an original approach to the subject. It may encompass conflicting ideas and inspires the reader to contemplate the relationship of complex ideas. 25.0 pts
Organization: The writing flows smoothly and logically from a well-defined thesis. It contains an appropriate introduction, conclusion, and smooth transitions. 25.0 pts
Grammar and Mechanics: The writing is free of proofreading errors. The writing contains sentences that are always complete and grammatically correct, and free of confusion and ambiguity. 15.0 pts
MLA Format: Student provides a high-caliber, formatted assignment in proper MLA style.
Two credible sources are required. Cited in MLA format. 15.0 pts
Total Points: 100.0… 5/24/2018

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