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Assignment 10.2 Creating Queries to Answer Questions Due by Saturday(Midnight, CT) of
Week 10 Create queries in PetStore database to answer the following questions: 1- List the customer ID, first name, last name, and phone number for all customers from the city where the cityID is 11368 2- List all female dogs 3- List the ItemID for items with a ListPrice less than $20. 4- List all items with a SalePrice less than $20. There should be no repeating items. 5- In July, which category of merchandise had the highest sales value? Sort results based on category total sales value. 6- In the first half of the year (January – June), from which supplier did the company purchase the least total value of merchandise? 7- In terms of merchandise value, which employee was the best salesperson for the month of March?

Use the SQL view of these queries to copy and paste them in a Word file. Submit your Word file through the Assignment 10. link located in the Week 10 Assignment Folder.Please do not send query outputs, I just need the SQL view of your queries. Do not send the entire database, just send the SQL code of your queries in a Word file. 

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