Walden Sports Inc. is a fictional outdoor and travel goods company. Through the media in this course, you meet the CEO and employees. You take on the role of consultant to Walden Sports; in this role, you are tasked with measuring the job attitudes of employees of this fictional company and with creating a consulting report as your Final Project, which includes analysis of a diagnostic job attitudes survey instrument as well as recommendations to address problems with employee attitudes. See the Final Project Proposal Template located in this week’s Learning Resources for detailed instructions for your Final Project.
Your Final Project must include the following elements:
Section 1: Title Page, Executive Summary, and Introduction
Section 2: Identification of a Diagnostic Job Attitudes Survey Instrument
Section 3: Methods
Section 4: Results
Section 5: Recommendations to Walden Sports Inc. (2–4 pages)
Section 6: References in APA style (1–2 pages)
Your Final Project is due on Day 7.