Using the Internet, research literature reviews and writing research proposals.

To design a credible study, a research proposal needs to be developed.

Develop a research proposal by completing the following tasks:

  • Decide on a topic and form a hypothesis.
  • Test that hypothesis through data analysis—your hypothesis may or may not be correct, but you will not know that before you complete your data analysis.
  • Identify the independent and dependent variables of the hypothesis.
  • Determine the unit of analysis for your study.

Design the first part of a study using quantitative data on a topic of interest to you. Complete each of the following parts of the design:

  • Topic
  • Research question
  • Hypothesis
  • Independent variable for the hypothesis
  • Dependent variables for the hypothesis
  • The unit of analysis for your study

Provide substantial feedback to your classmates about their topic and approach.

Answer the following questions using your experience in designing a study’s proposal:

  • How do you conduct a proper literature review?
  • What is the process, from beginning to end?
  • Why is the literature review so important?

Part 2

Locate and read two articles of original research from at least two different sources mentioned in the text, such as journal articles, monographs, a reader, or a dissertation. Each article should be from a different source.

  • Post your research articles. Based on your readings, answer the following questions:
    • What are the differences in the structures of the articles?
    • How do you evaluate a source of reliability?
    • Which resources do you like the most?
    • Which resources do you like the least? Make sure you explain your reasoning.
    • What are the steps involved in the literature review process?
  • Choose two topics that are not researchable. Explain why they are not researchable.