This paper will help bring facts, situations, and decision scenarios from companies and practicing managers and provide you with an array of learning experiences that help enhance the textbook and online

Organizational Global Environment Assessment – INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT

This paper will help bring facts, situations, and decision scenarios from companies and practicing managers and provide you with an array of learning experiences that help enhance the textbook and online classroom learning. This assignment will also provide you with valuable opportunities to build your writing skills, which are crucial for you in managerial positions when you graduate. The components of the (general) macro-environment, (task) competitive environment, and additional analysis should be assessed as outlined below and detailed in your textbook. Use your Principles of Management textbook as your guide and use supporting chapters (chapters 6 and 8; mainly chapter 6) and related literature to complete this project. This assignment should be typed, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, with a reference page. This assessment should be a minimum of five pages and a maximum of seven pages not including the cover page or the reference page. Utilize a “sections and paragraphs” format for this assignment.  Do not have excessive bullets or lists in the paper. Also the Bibliography should contain a minimum of six (6) APA Style source listings, one of which should be your textbook. Use APA Style citations throughout the paper.  Wikipedia cannot be used as a source.

Pick ONE Fortune 500 company ( in the manufacturing, transportation or retail industries and conduct an organizational environment assessment. You should use respected sources like books, business periodicals/journals, business databases or mainstream online business sites (i.e. CNN Money, Bloomberg, etc.). Only two (2) of your six (6) minimum references should come from internet websites.  This does not include online academic journals, online books and industry publications which are considered equivalent to physical books.

Discuss the characteristics of at least four (4) of the thirteen (13) components listed below.  Do so in paragraph form by looking at each selected component from an industry perspective and then explain how that component affects your chosen company specifically. Of the four (4) components you choose, at least one should come from the General Environment and at least one should come from the Task Environment.

            Components of the General/Macro Environment

  • Economy Growing vs. shrinking economies – Predicting future economic activity
  • Technological trends Inputs (Raw Materials, Information)
  • Technology (Knowledge, Tools, Techniques)
  • Output (Products, Service)
  • Socio-cultural trends
  • Demographic changes
  • Changes in behavior, attitudes, and beliefs
  • Political / Legal trends/Legislation

Components of theTask/Competitive Environment

  • Customers
  • Competitors/Rival Firms
  • New Entrants
  • Suppliers
  • Substitutes and Complements


In your conclusion explain at least two components in either of the general and/or task environment that are affecting your company the most and how the company is dealing with these environmental factors.

Potential sources

Feel free to visit the following resources to get reliable information on your company and the global environment: (University library, FSU databases (Proquest/EBSCO), Standard and Poors Industry Reports, Hoovers, Company websites, 10K, Mergent, Lexis Nexus, etc).



Work will be checked for plagiarism and violators can expect disciplinary action to be taken.



There should be a Cover Page followed by the body of the paper.  That paper should contain the following sections labeled in bold print.


Name of the 1st Component to be Discussed

Name of the 2nd Component to be Discussed

Name of the 3rd Component to be Discussed

Name of the 4th Component to be Discussed




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