The cases are: 1. Heartland of Atlanta Motel V. United States 379 U.S 241 (1964) 2. Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, LLC, 562 U.S 223 (2011)


I need someone strong in law to help with understanding these two cases using the following 8 sub-topics. Please note that the sub-topic under ‘importance” asks about why a healthcare professional would care about this decision.


The cases are:

  1. Heartland of Atlanta Motel V. United States 379 U.S 241 (1964)
  2. Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, LLC, 562 U.S 223 (2011)


Sub-topics are:

(1) Facts: Background facts of the case (i.e. parties, what happened and procedural history)

(2) Issue: The legal question before the court

(3) Rule of Law: The legal principles and legal precedent the court will use to answer the issue

(4) Analysis/Application: Comparing the facts to the rule, to form the Application

  • How did each side present the rule?
  • What was the court’s reasoning and its analysis?
  • How did the court apply the facts in the case to the legal requirements?
  • What facts were compelling to the court in its analysis?
  • Did it use analogy or make any public policy arguments?
  • Did the court expand, reinterpret, or narrow the law to reach the conclusion?


(5) Conclusion: From the application, develop the Conclusion as to whether the rule applies to the facts

(6) Impact: The impact of the decision (i.e., at least what 2 cases have cited that holding and in what context)

(7) Importance: Why would a healthcare professional in the industry (or someone outside it) care about the decision and how it has changed the industry.

(8) Influence: At least two current business practices that have been influenced by the holding


I will be using this to develop a mind map using mindmeister illustration. Thank you!


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