Taking the LASSI will help you identify how you best learn and study online. With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to be successful academically and professionally.
There are three parts to this Assignment which are summarized here and detailed in the template below located on the document icon.
Select the LASSI Directions to save them to your computer. Remember where you have saved the file so that you can locate it.
Part 1: Start the LASSI Inventory following the instructions.
When you are ready to take the LASSI Inventory (approximately 30 minutes):
Select the LASSI link
This URL will direct you to a web page that contains directions for taking the LASSI. After you have read these directions, you must enter your school number to continue. Your school number is listed below along with your user name and password.
School Number: 80081
User Name: nchx
User Password: pw4y
After entering this information, the next screen to appear requires you to enter your first and last name into the spaces provided for the page to be submitted correctly. The ID and E-mail fields are optional. The next screen to appear will be the LASSI assessment.
You will be directed to a web page that lists questions for you to answer. Submit your answers.
On the report page, “click here to continue” at the bottom of the page.
Make sure to SAVE a copy of your results so that you can refer to them as you work on the Unit 3 Assignment.
Part 2 Modules:
View the LASSI Modules here. Login but ignore the ID number as it is unnecessary. Once registered, choose one of your LOWEST rated modules and one of your HIGHEST rated modules, read about each one, and then complete the following:
Part 3. Reflection:
Write a detailed paragraph in which you explain how you will strive to improve your learning success by utilizing effective time, stress, and study strategies. Please refer to information from both Units 2 and 3. Your response should be a minimum of 10 complete sentences.
Complete your Assignment
After you have taken the LASSI Inventory and have a copy of your results, download the template on the document icon for detailed instructions and completion. Make sure to add your own name in place of “YourName” in the title of the template. Remember where you have saved the file so that you can locate your work later.
Submit to this unit’s completed Assignment template to the Dropbox in the course.
Unit 3 Assignment Document