Complete the Level of Evidence assignment as an individual assignment.

Practical rationale for Module B assignment: This assignment showcases different level of evidence tools which could be used in daily practice to improve and support the evidence being used as a foundation for the health care practices. The student is expected to use the ranking tools to grade the assigned article.

Individual work: Each student will select two of the ranking scales of evidence tools and complete the grid related to contrasting the 2 ranking scales of evidence tools. The faculty will provide an assigned manuscript to be used for this assignment. With the material collected through the synthesis of the grid material, the student will use the two tools to score the assigned article. A narrative (approximately 3⁄4 page per tool) will be provided addressing the scoring of the article based on the tool along with the rationale for the different scores. A final paragraph (approximately 1⁄2 page) will be provided discussing the effectiveness of each tool – Which tool was easier to use? Why? What aspects within the tool were “on track” for providing a level of the evidence within the assigned article.

-More information including article to be rank, ranking tools, websites and references to be provided. They are attached in the order.