BSA 530 Week 5 Learning Team Aging User Interface Approach
Your team’s proposal must include the recommended design process to develop the user interface for your IT business solution.
Create a Visio® diagram detailing the user interface design process in a flow sequence diagram or flow chart that illustrates the entire end to end flow of the user interface.
Save the finished Visio® diagram as an image file that you can insert into your PowerPoint® presentation.
Create 2 to 4 PowerPoint® slides describing and illustrating the recommended design process for the development of the user environment. Incorporate the Visio® diagram(s) into the slides. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. SupportingMaterial:Learning Team Instructions: IT Business Solution Proposal

BSA 530 Week 5 Individual Assignment OEA User Interface

GTI has asked you to advise them about possible restrictions or limitations they may face when developing the user interface for the OEA. Write a 1-to 2-page paper discussing the challenges associated with creating a user interface for the OEA and possible mitigation strategies. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab. SupportingMaterial:Individual Project Instructions: GTI Enterprise Application Solution