[SOLUTION]- Romanesque and Gothic Discussion
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Romanesque and Gothic Discussion
The final content for this course discusses both Romanesque and Gothic artistic styles. Some may see the Gothic as a progression, but there were various contextual influences that led to the differences of these two styles of art and architecture.

A major shift occurs with the beginning of the Gothic style in Medieval Europe. Compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the Romanesque and Gothic periods in terms of artistic style. What are some contextual reasons for the differences? Think about function and how that affects the design and decoration of churches. Use at least two specific examples from the Romanesque period and two from the Gothic to back up your argument. At least one example from each period must be architecture. And final discussion post reminder – think about form, theme, and context for each of your examples!

Be sure to use citations from readings (do not use any outside websites or sources unless absolutely necessary – all of your research should be based solely on the links provided in the OER document) and respond to at least TWO posts by other students.