You are a regional manager of business development (RMBD) for an international reference laboratory named Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp website: For the upcoming sales meeting, you have been asked to present a motivational program for newly – promoted sales managers, during which you will teach them techniques to motivate their own sales teams.
Compare and contrast three of the leadership theories…
Hierarchy of Needs Theory
ERG Theory
Needs Theory
Dual Factor Theory
Equity Theory
Expectancy Theory
Attribution Theory
Goal-Setting Theory
Organizational Behavior Modification Theory
You will compile a PowerPoint presentation that you will use to present to these sales managers. Include in your presentation how the theories you chose can be used to help guide your sales managers in their motivational efforts with their own sales teams . Your PowerPoint length must be a minimum of 12 slides, including a title slide and a reference slide. Use of speaker notes is required as well