MATH 250 Elements of Statistics Multiple Choice. Due to alternate methods of computation, there may be slight differences in answer
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1. Which one of the following describes a quantitative, discrete variable?
A. Eye color
B. Weights of new-born babies
C. License plate numbers
D. Number of vehicles on the Kansas Turnpike

2. A recent poll of 700 drivers on the Kansas Turnpike was conducted by selecting every 50th
A. Convenience sampling
B. Stratified sampling
C. Systematic sampling
D. Random sampling Problems 3 and 4 refer to the following data:
The following are speeds (miles per hour) of cars measured with a radar gun on the Kansas Turnpike.
70 78 76 74 79

3. Find the mean and median to the nearest tenth for this sample data.
A. Mean = 77, Median = 76.5
C. Mean = 77, Median = 79.0

4. Which of the following gives the sample standard deviation and the range of the data?
A. SD = 3.2 B. SD = 2.8 Range = 11 Range = 9

5. A researcher obtains data by examining police records for the last ten years on violent crim
A. Observational and Retrospective
B. Observational and Prospective
C. Experimental and Cross-sectional
D. Experimental and Retrospective

6. The following frequency distribution summarizes credit rating scores for 20 randomly chosen s
credit rating scores.
Credit rating scores
500 – 549
550 – 599
600 – 649
650 – 699
700 – 749
750 – 799
800 – 849 A. Mean = 674.5 Frequency
3 B. Mean = 699.0 Problems 7 and 8 refer to the following histogram, which represents test scores on a recent statistics

7. Identify the percent of scores that are less than or equal to 70.
A. 41.7% B. 58.3% C. 70.0%

8. Within which test score group would the first quartile (Q1) fall?
A. 11-20 B. 21-30 C. 41-50 D. 51-60 Problems 9 and 10 refer to the following box-and-whisker plots that compare the pulse rates of male
Male pulse rate 49 55 …….60 …………..79 Female pulse rate 52 …66 …… .75 84 98

9. Which distribution shape best describes the boxplot Female pulse rate?
B. Skewed right
Skewed left C.
D. Uniform

10. Which of the following statements is false concerning the box-and-whisker plots?
A. Male pulse rate has a larger interquartile range (IQR) than the IQR of female pu B.
D. Male pulse rate has a larger median than female pulse rate
Male pulse rate has a larger maximum than female pulse rate
Male pulse rate has a smaller Q3 than female pulse rate

11. Out of 40 randomly chosen patients age 65 or older, at most 20% were diagnosed to be ob
D. Eight or fewer patients are obese.
Fewer than eight patients are obese.
More than eight patients are obese.
None of the above. ()
A) 0.07
12. IfP (P
0.07 A.
D. , which one of the following statements is false? The probability of the complement of A is 0.03