Creating A Measurable Marketing and Advertising Strategy

In your simulation this week, one item that you will be working on is advertising to include ad copy design, and media placement and ad frequency. To achieve penetration to your target markets, you must keep consistency but also differentiate your advertising campaigns to accommodate for individual market segments. Social media is a relative newcomer to the marketing and advertising toolbox and must be integrated carefully into the overall strategy and more importantly into the strategy for each target audience. Understanding how to measure the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and incorporating this measurement process into your final plan will be important to the bottom line as well as information that you will include in your Report to the Board of Directors.

View the Assignment Rubric for Assignment details.

Criteria for maximum points:

  • Report on the leading edge trends in integrating social media into traditional marketing and advertising campaigns incorporating at least three academically credible sources – 20 points
  • Create specific recommendations for incorporating social media into the market segments your company is targeting. Include the following in your response to achieve maximum points; company name, operating locations, product lines, product names, and customer segments – 30 points
  • Discuss how you will measure the results of your recommendations – 30 points
  • General Writing and APA Compliance – 20 points