Sexual Harassment in Organizations: An Ethical Evaluation That Encourages Change

Research Paper Instructions

You will write a Research Paper on a topic relating to business ethics. Your paper must be 8–10 pages and double spaced, not including the title page, abstract, and references pages. You must include 8–10 scholarly references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. You must use your textbooks as sources; other acceptable sources are journal articles from peer-reviewed journals, theoretical texts, and the Bible. Citations must be in current APA format. As this is a Research Paper, it must be written in third person.

You will choose a topic and write a rationale for that topic. Final approval must be received from your instructor.

You will also create an Annotated Bibliography. The Annotated Bibliography must be in current APA format, and a 100-word description (of the reference itself and its contribution to the paper) must be included. The Annotated Bibliography due in Module/Week 3 will not be part of the final Research Paper due in Module/Week 8. The final Research Paper will have only the regular references section.

This paper is checked by safeassign for plagarism so I need it to be original and follow instructions exactly