There are several factors in the formation of corrosion on surfaces. To gain insight on corrosion review the information provided in the following link: Aircraft Corrosion. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site ( this activity, we will consider the geographic location and environment. The severity of corrosion in aircraft surfaces is dependent on the local climate, level of exposure, and the corrosive conditions. Of course we know this varies across the world since some climates are dry, others are salty and damp. Basically a corrosion plan for your zone will consider three zone types: mild, moderate, and severe.

Review the FAA Advisory Circular AC43-4A (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and read paragraph 412 PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE on page 70. (

Using Figures 4-15 through 4-20 in the document, locate the corrosion zone of your current location. Write a one page paper using 200-300 words to include a description of your zone’s climate and corrosion severity.

  • Important: Your document must be written in APA style and format, including citations and references.

Also, describe the following actions you must take:

  1. Prevention program (consider solvents used for cleaning and preservation)
  2. Inspection techniques
  3. Corrosion treatment