Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to apply the concepts of equations and percentages covered in Ch. 5 and 6 to integrated case studies. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Equations and Percentage Cases Excel® Template, Excel® 2016 Essential Training

Save the Equations and Percentage Cases Excel® Template to your computer.

Read the instructions on the first tab.

Complete the two Excel® cases located in the template.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Refer to the Chapter 5 Case Study 5-1 on Page 187 of your text. Answer the following questions.

Question 1

Find the total square footage that requires painting for the bedroom and the living/dining room, and then find the total square footage for the entire painting job assuming two coats of paint.

Question 2

One gallon of paint will cover 350 square feet and costs $35, and each surface will require two coats. Using your answer to question 1, determine the total number of gallons required and total cost for paint, by rounding up to the nearest gallon.

Question 3

Using a painting rate of 150 square feet per hour (including prep time), a labor rate of $20 per hour, and a desired profit margin of 30% (or 0.3), calculate the total labor cost, profit margin, and final bid price for this painting job—including the total paint cost from question 2.

Refer to the Chapter 6 Case Study 6-3 on Page 224 of your text. Answer the following questions.