Please answer any five of the following questions. Remember that explanations, descriptions and other open book questions that give you unlimited time require depth and detail with examples and applications. Answers that are less than two double space typed pages are suspect as they may tend to be shallow and sketchy. Also check your grammar proper organization of answers and include references, citations and related resources used in answering the questions.

Discuss major theoretical approaches to Intimate Partner Violence.
Discuss the Minneapolis experiment and its impact on Criminal Justice Policies and interventions in Domestic Violence.
Define and Discuss the crime of Stalking and the Criminal Justice Response to it.
Discuss the Discovery of Child Maltreatment and how the USA Criminal Justice System deals with the problem.
Identify and discuss major theories of Child Maltreatment.
Define and Discuss Elder Abuse and how the Criminal Justice System deals with the problem.
Discuss the Fear of Crime Paradox.
Discuss the relevant theoretical approaches to explaining and dealing Elder Abuse.
Discuss the magnitude of homicide victimization and theoretical approaches to the crime.
Discuss the problem of workplace Victimization.
Discuss the Victim Rights Amendment and its impact on the Criminal Justice System.