Your Phase II presentation provoked staff’s deeper probes about the operational logistics abroad. Your staff is asking, “How will we enter the foreign market? What are our overseas restrictions and opportunities? Which team members are needed where? How will you run the business from afar?”

Create a presentation of approximately 10-15 slides to address these questions.

State your strategies for entering and operating in an international market. Give your rationale for these strategies.

Explain any monitoring or control systems and governance mechanisms for international operations that concern you. How do you plan to deal with them?

Find examples of organizational charts in your textbook or online, and create your own version using Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® SmartArt®, photo of a hand-drawn chart, or the tool of your choice.

Modify the organizational chart’s structure for your organization’s existing domestic headquarters, its e-operations (if applicable), and its future overseas operations. Designate the appropriate staff titles and hierarchy within the chart. Include the chart in your presentation with an explanation of why you have chosen this structure.

Use research, creativity, and logic to apply the course content to your work; support your ideas with course materials and appropriate graduate-level research.

Reference your textbook, and a minimum of two additional peer reviewed sources.