Find a current event article within the last year relating to immigration/immigrant issues in the United States. Your article should include a visual (photo, graph, chart, or video). Please include your article or a link to it in your answers.

A. In a paragraph or two summarize, what the article is about.​​​​10 points

B. Examine the language used to describe immigrants and their situations. ​​20 points

C. How are immigrants described? Would you say their depiction is overall positive or overall negative? Give specific examples. ​​​​​​​20 points

D. Describe the accompanying visuals. What message do they convey? ​​10 points

E. Does the article include any implicit or explicit reference to the potential impact of immigrants (or immigration in general) on American society? ​​​​10 points

F. Some Americans believe that immigrants (especially those who overstay their visas or end up here as undocumented persons) pose a challenge or even a threat to American society. Describe a few reasons why they might feel that way. ​​​20 points

G. How could one respond to these concerns? ​​​​​​20 points