Faery Magic Create a world that has at least 5 different objects from the Furniture Gallery and one Faery from the Fantasy/Faeries Gallery. The Faery has the power to make an object disappear. Everything that the faery touches disappears from the scene. Create an interactive game where the user can click one object at a time from the scene; then, the faery faces that object and moves toward it. Write a recursive method named CheckDistance, that checks whether the faery is very close to the object clicked by the user. If it is, the faery bends over to touch the object. After the faery touches the object, the object disappears (this is the base case of the recursion). If the faery is not yet close enough to the object to be able to touch it, the faery moves a small distance forward and the CheckDistance method is recursively called (this is the recursive case of the recursion). Include instructions for the game that appears on the screen for a period of time and then disappear.