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Based on your readings and research conducted during Module 1, answer the following questions in a word-processed document. Your answers should be at least a paragraph, but not more than one page, in length. You are expected to answer the questions from a management perspective and provide appropriate, APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference list reflecting sources used to answer the questions. APA guidelines are available in the Resources area of the course.

Define the role of an Aviation Maintenance Manager and evaluate the maintenance department’s role in company strategy.
Explain the role of entropy in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions.
Analyze the goals and objectives of effective maintenance practices. In your opinion, list them in the order you feel is important for a successful maintenance program management. Provide a brief justification of your response.
List two FAA and two EASA maintenance related regulations. How can an aviation maintenance manager create success or support for those regulations?
What are failure rates? Describe the impact failure rates have on maintenance management.