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Assume you are the Project Manager for the project described in the case study. Carry out the following tasks:
Task-1: Develop a project schedule and its corresponding Gantt chart. Outline all tasks and sub-tasks required for the project. Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (you may combine project schedule and WBS into one solution). Include your project schedule, Gantt chart and WBS with brief explanation. For the Gantt chart, clearly identify dependencies and milestones. In terms of PMBOK knowledge areas, how your developed WBS and Gantt chart may aid the project management to avoid project failure as well as to increase project profitability? Discuss with regard to your case study.
Task-2: Decide on project duration and task duration. Develop a network diagram for the tasks you have created. You may use either AOA or AON convention to illustrate the network diagram. Explain briefly. Your explanation should be on your presented diagram, not just a theoretical discussion on network diagram. Please note that you will be awarded no mark if the network diagram is presented in PDM.
Task-3: Identify the critical path(s) in your project plan. Clearly show the calculations you have carried out to find out the critical path. What measures you would take and what metrics you would consider to ensure that the project would finish within time (discuss with regard to the identified critical path) and cost? How your followed CPM method may help in project risk management? Discuss with regard to the case study.