After reading Cohen & Spenciner: ch. 15, one of the articles from Module/Week 7, and other readings about alternative assessment from previous chapters in your textbook, discuss alternate assessments for students with special needs.

In the first part, summarize the information from your readings in Module/Week 7 and discuss, through your Biblical worldview perspective, the pros and cons of using alternate assessments for this special needs population. Be sure to reference the article you chose from the Reading & Study folder. As a Christian educator, consider whether your view of the pros and cons of alternative assessments might be different than someone from a secular humanistic point of view.

In the second part, provide a brief fictitious profile of a special needs student who would benefit from an alternative assessment. Describe the type of alternative assessment, including the content area(s) that you would recommend for this student and why. Include a discussion of how you might be able to use the information from Module/Week 7 in your current or future practice. Follow APA guidelines (including appropriate in-text citations), and cite a minimum of two references.