A frequent issue that organizations suffer from in current workplace environments is retaining employees and determining effective ways to motivate employees. For this assignment, you will act as a consultant that was hired by organization ABC (of your choice). As a consultant that retains an extensive background in Organizational Behavior, you have been tasked by the contracting organization to develop a proposal for an organizational retention and motivation action plan due to the high attrition rates and declining motivation currently occurring at the organization.

Your proposal is required to be submitted as a 10-14 page Word document, APA format is required. Title page and reference page are not counted in the 10-14 page count requirement.

You may select any organization to focus your proposal of an organizational retention and motivation action plan.
Please be certain to address the following;Organizational behavior issues that impact retention
Organizational behavior issues that impact motivation
Detailed suggestions to overcome high attrition
Detailed suggestions to overcome low motivation
Identification of how beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions will impact this plan overall
Identification of how personalities, neuroscience, diversity, gender, generational impact, and corporate culture will impact this plan overall
How the plan will be communicated within organization
Detailed suggestions on how to implement change, such as implementing the proposed organizational retention and motivation action plan