In this discussion activity, address the following in your primary, original posting: an electrical system
Read the information in Understanding Electrical Systems (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and then research and identify one area of vulnerability within a particular aircraft electrical system. Have some fun with this activity and think outside of your comfort zone. If you work on military aircraft consider choosing a commercial or general aircraft. If you work on Boeing aircraft, consider choosing an Airbus, etc.

In your opinion, what makes this area vulnerable?


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Also after I submit the discussion I need to reply to at least three of your classmates in the forum. So is it okay to email it to you on the 19th of the 2 or 3 classmates work?

To ensure that all students receive feedback, reply first to any students who have not yet received replies from other students. Include in your replies:

Did your classmates make a good argument? Why or why not? Be specific in your comments and provide constructive feedback from the position of an aircraft maintenance manager.
What measures or controls did you identify to mitigate their vulnerability?
Include at least one appropriate and correct in-text citation from the textbook and any other source you use to support your original, primary response. You are also required to provide a reference list reflecting the source(s) used in your response. Your in-text citations and reference list must be in accordance with the current APA publication manual.

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