Discuss your current career in manufacturing. Explain how this capstone will assist you in your career path.  1 page journal.In response to your peers, share commonalities in experience and best practices in your industry.

Both operations management and project management are growing career fields. Project managers are often required to leverage tools and techniques of operations management, and likewise operations managers are often asked to manage product and service development, leveraging project management methods. This module revisits the basic terminology of both operations and project management and provides two case studies that exemplify real-world scenarios that combine the knowledge and skills of operations and project management

Your active participation in the discussion topics is important to your overall success this term. Discussion questions are designed as structured opportunities to help you engage, problem-solve, and reflect with your peers as related to the course’s final project. In the capstone experience, you are encouraged to take initiative and use the discussion topics for collaborative problem-solving and navigating the demands of the final project while soliciting and giving feedback to your peers.

These discussions offer you the opportunity to express your own thoughts, ask questions for clarification, and gain insight from your classmates’ responses and instructor’s guidance.

While a designated number of response posts are not required, it is still important that you engage with your peers to help replicate the type of peer collaboration and problem-solving often necessary to succeed in a professional environment.

Requirements for Discussion Topic Assignments

For your initial post (1), you must do the following:

 In Module One, complete the initial post by Thursday.

 Take into consideration your previous coursework content and other discussions when appropriate.

 Reference scholarly or peer-reviewed sources to support your discussion points, as appropriate (using proper citation methods for your discipline).

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