Project Description:
Develop a personal self-leadership development plan, applying self-leadership principles.
Hint: In the Alves et al. (2006) article, on pg. 349, the authors show a table of the components of Self-leadership. Your objective is to identify at least 6 of these that will help you develop a self-leadership plan.

No, the article does not include a ‘plan’ as students want there to be an explicit plan laid out for them. The assignment is designed such that it requires students to read all the articles, and then create a unique plan for themselves – since each student is different each plan will be different. What will be common among each plan is that the framework for self-leadership is clearly laid out as a combination of (1) Behavioral focused strategies, (2) Natural rewards strategies, and (3) Constructive thought processes

Behavioral focused strategies:

Self-observation, or increase of one’s awareness about when and why to act
Self-goal setting, or the decision about what goals to pursue and how should be pursued
Self-rewards, or compensations to energize oneself
Self-punishment, or constructive self-feedback
Self-cueing, or external signaling
Natural rewards strategies:

Enhancement of enjoyable tasks
Focus on enjoyable tasks
Constructive thought processes:

Reduction of dysfunctional beliefs
Reduction of negative self-talk
Increase of positive self-image

Maximum of 3 pages – APA guidelines.

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