Part 1

Describe the purpose of your study by writing a statement that completes the following sentence, “The purpose of this study is to…” (two to three sentences). “According to Trotman, parental involvement was designed to create a partnership that allowed for greater collaboration between home and school for the expressed purpose of improved student outcomes” (Watson, Sanders-Lawson and McNeal, 2012). The purpose of the study is to increase parental involvement to benefit children at an early age, to improve their academic habits, and to enhance the overall quality of the program of the childcare facility that the study is taken place in.

Post your research question(s) – Include definitions of key technical terms, if necessary. (one to three sentences) My research questions are as follows:

What may hinder parents from being actively involved with activities within the center? 2. What would help parents to become more involved with their child’s education and the center’s activities? 3. What do parents feel are the effects of parental involvement in early childhood education? Outcomes/Results The “so what?” of your study—Answers to your research questions. (three to four sentences) The data collected showed me that I needed to work closely with my staff on improvements with interactions with the parents to help improve parental involvement. The data showed me that my parents did not feel completely comfortable with the center as I thought they did. The observations showed me that parents did not receive the full welcome and greeting that they should have been receiving, however management filled that void with providing great communication and maintaining strong relationships with each parent. Observations also showed that parents want to be involved but the staff were not doing their part with being consistent. Often times it was noticed that teachers were having difficulties multitasking with their classroom tasks and communicating with parents at the same time.

Assuming you would conduct another cycle of this study, what specific modifications or adjustments would you make, and why? (three to four sentences) The data tools that I used were observations, questionnaires and surveys. I was able to learn a lot through this use of data collection; however, I would modify the number of participants used during the study. I feel that I would have benefited from a larger pool of participants to gather more input from parents.

Explain why this study is important to the school and the students. (two to three sentences) “Parental involvement is important to the educational success of a young adolescent and yet generally declines when a child enters the middle grades” (Pate & Andrews, n.d.). If we tackle this problem in an early childhood setting, this will help our parents to be more proactive and involved with their children beginning at a young age and continuing through higher grade levels.

Explain why this study is important it is important for teachers and other educational practitioners to become researchers of their own practice. (two to three sentences) When educators conduct their own research, they will be working with proven results and will know first-hand if their strategies are effective and successful. With me being a program director, I understand the importance of parental involvement, but it’s necessary for me to understand my families and their needs. I feel that as an educator it is imperative for me to be a resource to my families as well as my staff, and to assist them with effective ways to increase parental involvement.

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Part 2

I felt comfortable creating the redesign modifications for this unit plan. The only challenges were just making sure that I have included a learning and innovation skill for every part of my assessment. By reviewing the requirements through the rubric, I was able to overcome these challenges.

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