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1) Describe the agency, organizational structure, mission, vision, goals, objectives, outcomes and annual operating budget.

2.Offer a brief assessment on each of the following topics (make sure you are integrating course concepts, theories, and ideas):

a) What is the decision-making structure at the agency?

b) Describe the motivation and creativity at the agency.

c) How does the agency communicate internally and externally?

d) Discuss how the organization manages stress and change.

3) Identify one or more problems or challenges facing the organization that you as a leader are going to focus on (make sure you are integrating course concepts, theories, and ideas):

a) Discuss how that problem(s) or challenge (s) is impacting the organization.

b) Using existing literature, including assigned readings, power points, and online exercises, offer very clear policy recommendations on how this challenge needs to be resolved.

c) Conclude with an overview of the benefits the organization will experience if the matter is addressed, and the consequences if the challenge is not resolved.

Scholarly Sources:

· Scholarly sources include books and scholarly peer-reviewed articles.

· Websites such as Wikipedia or History.com are not scholarly sources, nor are

they acceptable for academic work at this level.

· Newspaper and magazine articles can be used to supplement your scholarly


· Governmental reports and non-governmental reports can be used but should

not make up the majority of your scholarly sources.

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