1. Use the Heritage Assessment Tool to conduct an interview of someone you do not know, and is a member of a different culture, is from a different country or a different part of the world than
  2. Make a copy of the interview
  3. If you adapt any of the questions, or ask additional questions, write a note in the margins of the Specify how the question was adapted, or what additional questions were asked, and note the responses.
  4. Write a two page reflection paper, which describes what this experience was like for What personal insights did you gain through this experience related to your prior assumptions about other cultures, religions or the diversity of our community?

The paper is to be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font.

  1. Identify what stood out for you about this experience and explain why it stood
  2. Describe the most significant thing you learned about the person you
    1. Explain why it was
  3. Describe the most significant thing you learned about yourself from this
    1. Explain why it was
  1. Attach the two page reflection paper to your Heritage Assessment Tool with responses
  2. Turn in the Heritage Assessment Tool, responses and reflection by the due


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