A critique is an informed criticism or assessment of something. In this case, the “something” is a speech. You are asked to consider all of the elements we’ve cover so far regarding speech giving and use that to evaluate both speeches. Your critique should include references to the reading, class discussion, and other supplemental material you find to support your discussion.

Your paper should demonstrate higher thinking. Therefore, you should avoid statements such as : “I liked the speech,” “I think s/he did a good job,” or “It was very good.” Instead you should critique all elements of the speaker including: the speech structure (intro/body/conclusion) their body language, vocal delivery, content, credibility.

Your paper should meet the requirements listed below. Additionally, you should consult the rubric attached to this assignment description BEFORE submitting your final paper to ensure that you’ve met all of the requirements for full credit.

Your paper should be free of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and APA style errors. *Use spell check/grammar features and applications. It must be formatted in Microsoft Word at and attached to the submission attempt. DO NOT copy and paste your paper in the comments section. Doing so will throw off the formatting and cause you to loose valueable points.


APA style formatted (e.g. 12 point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, Reference page)
Pull in at least 3 references from our course readings and supplemental videos so far. (What does our text book and supplemental resources say about delivery? ethical speaking? parts of the speech/structure? and how it this demonstrated or not demonstrated in the speech?)
Offer an evaluation of what the speaker’s strengths and weaknesses are.
Provide insight on how the speakers can improve the speech, use specific details from the reading to support your discussion.
Relate the speaker’s performance/delivery to you own. What similarities and differences exist between you and the speaker’s delivery?
Describe how this assignment will help you to improve and prepare for your upcoming Persuasive speech.

the videos’ links:

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