Each INDIVIDUAL is to prepare a summary of the case and articles for the week. The articles are chosen from both leading marketing journals as well as a few from popular journals and business magazines related to the topic under discussion for that session. These are meant to provide a basis for discussing the topic of the day. The written synopsis should be brief, about 2-3 pages. It should highlight the main points, critically review consumer behavior issues and examine how the ideas can be applied to your business or any business in which you have an interested. Please keep in mind that I am not looking for a rewrite of the article itself. What I hope to see here is a consolidated discussion of the methods, concepts, and/or perspectives the articles all touch on and support. I do not need a book report, I would a demonstration of understanding of the various perspectives and ideas the articles showcase. To help with this perspective, students should end each articles with 2-3 new research ideas that were developed from the various readings.

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