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Create a Use Case TWP comprising five (5) distinct use cases. Ensure that you identify what actor(s) are involved.Format in any manner you are comfortable with, but ensure it looks “professional”. (hint: I’m looking for categories of use cases then child use cases)

2) Create a Non-functional Requirement (NFR) TWP comprising of five (5) distinct requirements. Format in any manner you are comfortable with, but ensure it looks “professional”. (hint: many had “challenges” with NFRs in the assignment... read my input in the forum)

3) (~ 1pg) Discuss how unstructured data and analytics impacts today’s IT projects. What challenges do they introduce for an IT Architect? Can (existing) Analytics help an architect during the design process? (hint: this is a non-trivial exercise given that we didn’t really cover analytics in the course, i.e., this is hard. Understand how big data or social analytics might impact / be used in EA)

4) “Good, Fast, and Cheap... pick any two.“Can proper IT Architecture mitigate or address the triple constraint challenge? (~ 1/2 pg) (no hints... your on your own)

5) Given the adoption and pervasiveness of “agile development” (google this concept) and ever increasing customer expectations in the world of instant cell phone apps, how can you adapt the traditional enterprise architecture approach to be equally agile?

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