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Compose an original discussion board post, of no less than 250 words, considering all of the prompts below:

What meanings does the use of space convey? When someone has a larger house, a larger office, or a larger seat on the airplane than yours, what conclusions do you make about that person?
Touch is a form of nonverbal communication that is highly affected by social and cultural rules. What are some of the rules of touch that you perceive?
Why do you suppose we tend to believe nonverbal cues, even when they contradict what a person is saying? Can you think of a situation in which you would believe the person’s verbal message instead?
Discussion Board Grading Rubric
Each discussion board assignment will be graded on a 10 point scale:

Initial/Original Posting(s) – 7 points
Your initial/original posting(s) each week should:

critically analyze the content – adequately respond to all discussion prompts, demonstrate a unique understanding of the course material (i.e., chapters, lectures, videos) from that of your classmates, and provide thoughtful analysis of the module’s content (3 points)
reference relevant content from the course material for each Discussion Board prompt, with appropriate attribution (2 points)
relate the new material to content contained in previous modules (1 point)
be free of grammatical and spelling errors (1 point)
Response(s) to Other Student Posting(s) – 3 points
Your responses to other students and the instructor should:

incorporate quotes from the other student’s post (1 point)
be logically reasoned and supported (1 point)
be grammatically correct and proofread for spelling errors. (1 point)

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