Complete the Traitify™ Personality Assessment in the Career Network and write a reflection essay explaining the potential benefits of the results to your current and future employment status.

Open the Career Network homepage. Click on the Resumes/Cover Letter link in the navigation menu.
Navigate to the Traitify™ site in the Career Network.
Under the Self-Assessment list, click “Traitify™”
Execute the Personality Assessment in its entirety until you are given results.
Based on the results of your Personality Assessment, write a 1–2 page APA style reflection essay explaining the correlation between results of your Personality Assessment and your current employment status and future employment plans.
Use a minimum of two research resources to develop an educated opinion in your writing.
Use APA style formatting.
Include a screenshot of your Personality Assessment results.
Submit your essay to the Unit 2 Assignment 1 Dropbox.
Please view the Unit 2 Assignment 1 Rubric.

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