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Company:   Las Vegas sands



Part 3 Credit Analysis (Week 7):

Assuming the role of an entering corporate officer, complete a credit analysis for the company Las Vegas Sands


This analysis should reflect a review of a three-year period of fiscal years ending with the most recently published Form 10K report.


Writing Instructions:

The discussion portion of the analysis should be three to five pages in length, double spaced, and should employ APA style and format for reference citations. Supporting data (e.g., figures, tables, etc.) and references should be limited to four separate attachments presented in an appendix after the written portion of the analysis.



Completeness of analysis: 

The analysis must demonstrate understanding of credit analysis. Use of academic and professional databases, business periodicals, analyst reports, and news articles, such as those in the UMUC library, must be included in this company accounting analysis.



Guidance:  Primarily use the 5 C’s of credit as a framework for your paper. But also include written discussion about other matters as appropriate to provide context and/or augment your discussion.  For example:

  • Capital structure
  • Risk management
  • Altman’s Z
  • Credit ratings + agencies
  • Bank loans (application, covenants, lending decision, etc.)
  • Firm strategy
  • Other topics as relevant


*4 C’s character, capacity, capital, and conditions; the 5th C is collateral.


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